Annual Return

The UK Company Law requires every limited company and limited liability partnerhip (LLP) to file their Annual Return with the Registrar of Companies. Your company or LLP will be removed from the registers if the Annual Return is not file within the specified period given by Companies House.

It is also recommended to file annual return with Companies House after shares transfers.

Our Price:£160.00 Saving 30%
The Annual Return services is priced at just £160 and no other hidden fee. The price includes the statutory filing fee payable to Companies House. Our accountants will prepare the Annual Return (AR01 and file it with Companies House for you within 24 hours upon receiving all information required.

Annual Return Filed Late

Companies House will send Annual Return reminders near to the statutory filing deadline. The reminders are normally delivered to your company’s or LLP’s registered office address and copies will also be sent to the company directors and LLP partners.

Your company or LLP will automatically be placed on proposal to be struck off first then be official removed from Companies House register if there is no response from your company or LLP.

The directors or LLP partners also commit a criminal offence under the company law for failing to file Annual Return to Companies House.

If your company or LLP is dormant or it has not been traded for at least three months you can apply for your company to be removed from Companies House legally. The benefits of dissolving your company voluntarily are that you are not required to file accounts or annual return after your company is closed down.

There is also late filing penalty for submitting accounts late to Companies House. The penalty start from £150 to £1500 dependent how many months late.

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