Financial Director Services

Looking for a Financial Director?

Hard to find in the adviser world.

Our senior partners are experienced in running small businesses. In this area more than any other, their experience in both the commercial world and in professional services provides a perspective that is invaluable for small businesses.

We have experience of raising setting up a manufacturing process, setting up a supply chain, dealing with Health & Safety and Quality Control, selling and marketing in highly competitive environments, research and development, and much more.

As a client of AA Global Sourcing Lean Accountant, you are able to tap into these skills as much or as little as you like. Our senior partners operate on the Board for clients, and we help frequently in the more informal environment of a telephone call or a meeting.

You may not need this type of service, and if so, we leave you to get on with running your business. The important thing is that the experience is available should you need it.